When we embark on a new food journey, be it for weight loss or general health, the first thing we tend to do is eliminate foods, like those rich in gluten.

This is the WORST thing you can do!


Aside from being restricting, completely nixing foods from out diets (unless outright harmful) is not good for us. At least for me, the minute I say I’m no longer eating something, no matter what it is, I instantly begin craving it. It’s all I want. It’s all I think about. I have to have it. It can truly put you in a bad mental place, which is terrible for weight loss.


There is no such thing as GOOD or BAD food.


There’s just food. Some you should eat more of, like fruits and vegetables. Others you should eat less of, like sweets and animal fats. Regardless, we need them all. Even fats have their place in our diets, as fat helps our bodies do things like protect our organs and maintain function in our colon. We simply need all things in moderation.

So why is everything labeled “Gluten Free”?

Well, the answer is simple: people do not understand food. Sure, there’s a few experts, but people are getting further and further away from food understanding. Even most doctor’s do not understand food, as they are typically not required to take classes on nutrition to earn their degrees. They typically learn about food just like us, from the media or through their own research.

Ask yourself this question: if all doctor’s understood food, would 50 percent of all doctors be overweight and obese? Would there be a place for dietitians in the industry, as opposed to your regular doctor discussing nutrition with you?


I think not. So if doctors don’t understand food, and the average person doesn’t understand food, why is everyone seeking out gluten free foods?

Because gluten allergies are very rare, serious conditions, AND much of today’s food processing is consolidated.

What does this mean?

A hundred years ago, grains were typically milled separately. There was a flour mill in every town, and everything that went through it had its own season. Today, all food is available all the time, thanks to shipping and agricultural technology. Additionally, mills only exist in certain areas. The increased volume of grains that need to be milled has resulted in grains being processed in the same facility, without the mill being cleaned.

So, if a milling facility needs to process wheat, then oats, then rye, it’s highly likely all the grains will be near each other and run through the mill one behind the other. For most people, this won’t matter at all. For folks with a gluten sensitivity or Celiac, this can be life-threatening.

Since people do not understand how food is processed, have no way of discovering how their food was processed, and in many cases do not understand what gluten naturally occurs in, labeling is necessary.

Gluten-free labels simply keep those who need to know safe.

For the rest of us, we can carry on eating gluten without worry, understanding that all things should be eaten in moderation throughout our food journeys. Eliminating gluten completely from our diets will not result in weight loss or healthier version of ourselves. It could, however, result in us being very upset over something we cannot have and want desperately.

Have you tried eliminating gluten from your diet to lose weight? Did it help or hinder you?


  • I have never tried to eliminate gluten out of my diet but I have a friend who is gluten sensitive so I baked him some gluten free cookies and I had to clean my oven so there won’t be any gluten leftovers.
    I didn’t know about the fact that all the grains are near each other while they run through the mill. But I do know that it is very important to label gluten-free products for people like my friend…
    Thanks for this great post!

    • Thanks so much for being an understanding friend, Paulina. Sadly, when we were trying to figure out what was going on with my fiance, we were met with mixed reviews. Some friends and family were like you and extremely helpful and supportive. Others complained as if my fiance chose to have an allergy. I simply do not understand this attitude, and am very thankful for folks like yourself. I am sure your friend is thankful for you.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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