Eating local, seasonal food is great for the local economy, the environment, and your taste buds.  But how do you know what’s in season?

Look no further than our Seasonal Food Chart below! It lists what’s in season in Virginia and thus when it should appear at FoodiO Farmers’ Market. Enjoy!Berries at Market

Variety Availability At FoodiO
Apples January – April July – December Yes
Arugula March – May September – November
Asian Pears August – November
Asparagus Late April – Early June
Basil May – November Yes
Beets May – November Yes
Black-Eyed Peas June – August
Blackberries July – August Yes
Bok Choy August – October
Broccoli September – November
Brussel Sprouts October – December Yes
Cabbage June November
Cantaloupe July – August Yes
Cardoons October – Early December
Carrots January – December
Cauliflower October – December
Celery September – November
Celery Root (Celeriac) October – January
Chard March – Early December
Cherries May – August Yes
Chicories October – December
Chili Peppers August – September Yes
Chives March – Early October
Cilantro January – December Yes
Collard Greens March – Early June October – December Yes
Corn July – August Yes
Cucumbers June – October Yes
Eggplant July – September Yes
Endive October – December
Fennel January – April August – December
Garlic July – August
Garlic Scapes March – April
Gooseberries July – August
Grapes August – October
Green (String) Beans June – October
Green (Spring) Onions March – November Yes
Ground Cherries July – October
Horseradish January – Early April October – December
Kale March – Early December Yes
Kohlrabi January – March October – December
Lamb’s Quarters January – December
Lavender July – October
Leeks January – December Yes
Lettuce January – December Yes
Lima Beans July – August
Mint January – December Yes
Morels Mushrooms March – May September – November
Mushrooms January – December Yes
Mustard Greens March – Early June October – December
Nectarines July – August Yes
Nettles March – April
Okra August Yes
Onions April – June
Oregano January – December Yes
Parsley January – December Yes
Parsnip October – Early December
Pea Shoots March – April
Peaches July – August Yes
Pears July – October Yes
Peas June – August
Peppers Late July – November Yes
Plums Late July – September Yes
Potatoes June – July October – November Yes
Pumpkin September – October Yes
Purslane January – December
Quince October – Early November
Radicchio September – December
Radishes March – Early November
Ramps April – May
Rapini Late May – June Late October February
Raspberries Late June – Early July Late August – October
Rosemary Late April – Early November Yes
Sage January – December Yes
Salsify Late October – January
Shallots June – November
Snap Peas June – August Yes
Snow Peas June – August
Sorrel January – December
Spinach March – June October – December
Sprouts January – December
Strawberries April – June Yes
Summer Squash June – October Yes
Sunchokes January – February June – July
Sweet Potatoes January – February October – December Yes
Tarragon April – June
Thyme Late April – Early November Yes
Tomatillos July – October Yes
Tomatoes July – October Yes
Turnips January – Early March September – December
Watercress April – Early July
Watermelon July – Early September Yes
Winter Squash June – October Yes
Zucchini June – October Yes

Have a question about a specific fruit or vegetable? Leave us a comment below or contact us, directly and we’ll be sure to respond!