There is nothing we all have more in common than food. That’s why I Fields of foodcreated FoodiO.

You see, it makes no sense to me that food has become this exclusive thing; and I don’t mean just in access. I mean in everything. From the topics surrounding it, to who gets to eat it and how, food has become a mystery and a privilege to far to many people. Rich people, poor people, and all those in-between. It simply isn’t fair.

For a while, I pondered how exactly I could help others to understand food better. Thus, I made it my business (both literally and figuratively) to expose people to the wonder that is sustenance every chance I got. I even went to grad school, so I could casually fooducate strangers in the checkout line.

But that’s just the thing.

RestrictedWe shouldn’t have to obtain a masters to know about food. We shouldn’t have to be rich to eat well. It just should just be. Because like breathing, eating is one of the most basic human functions. And while not everyone may want to partake in growing and processing food, everyone wants to eat it.

So that’s why I added Foodie University to To make those Foodie University Logo Threemysterious food topics many are confused about, most are too afraid to question, and all are effected by, easily obtainable and understandable.

Topics here will have a broad range. From the new restaurant I tried last month to answers to questions like “what are GMOs and why do I care,” I’ll cover them all here.

Have a question you want answered? Click here to submit it to the Foodie Forum and I’ll be sure to respond. It may even become the next article posted here on FoodiO.