Money. It affects everything. From the groceries we buy to our mental health, money is at the root of our decisions regardless of any internal desires to live a particular lifestyle. How much we earn dictates our entire lives.

Money Flying Off of a Tree

If you have been an Official Foodie for some time, you know nothing excites me as much as growing food and serving communities, than talking about money. No, not in a greedy way, rather from the perspective of empowering others. Whether you’ve attended one of my group sessions, taken advantage of the one-on-one financial planning sit-downs, or just engaged in casual conversation with me, you know that money is something I feel is just as crucial to our existence as food. And like food, money can have a fully empowering or demeaning effect on our livelihoods. Because of this, I have decided to share the financial tips and practices I’ve learned and utilized over the years to increase individual and community empowerment.

I am not a “guru” or a trained financial expert. I have, however, rebuilt my own credit, paid off student loans in record time, started multiple businesses, purchased a home, and taught myself how to build wealth through investing. After doing so, I began helping others do the same. Just like food education (fooducation), I want the information and methods that have helped myself and countless others to be more widely available and easily obtainable, so that we all may thrive.

Dollar Bills Planted in the Ground
Farm Your Finances©

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