The benefits of Cumin aren’t limited to tacos

My fiancé introduced me to cumin a few years ago. Though I’m sure I’d had it in plenty of Mexican and Indian dishes in the past, I never identified that smoky, yet pungent flavor I tasted in those dishes. Now that I’ve discovered the benefits of cumin both in flavor and in health, there’s no turning back.

Very similar to garlic, I thought cumin was limited to one type of food: Mexican.


Actually, cumin brings out the sweetness of other spices in a host of other cuisines. These include Middle Eastern, Indian, and African dishes.


Most recently, cumin has been making its way into U.S. dishes, likely due to our current taco craze. Besides tasting great alongside spices like, cardamom, fennel, thyme, and oregano, cumin helps to increase metabolism, aid with digestion, and prevent diabetes.


The uses for cumin are seemingly endless, and I would love to hear how you all are incorporating this spice into your dishes at home.


Cumin can be used to treat:
Piles (hemorrhoids), Insomnia, Bronchitis, Asthma, Constipation, and the Common Cold
Cumin can be used to prevent:
Diabetes, Anemia, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Dementia Fungal infection of the skin, Boils, Rashes, and Pimples
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