Market Goods

The following items will be available for pick-up at FoodiO Farmers’ Market Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Orders not claimed by 1pm Saturday will be donated to a local food bank or homeless shelter.

To order, please call (804) 513-9176 by Wednesday. Office hours are 10:00am to 4:30pm, daily.

Item  Regular Price  Member Price (Join)
Cherry Colossal Cobbler (Serves 20; Available March – May)  $35.00  $25.00
Peach Colossal Cobbler (Serves 20; Available March – August)  $35.00  $25.00
Apple Turnovers (2-Pack)  $4.00  $3.00
French Toast Muffins (2-Pack)  $5.50  $4.25
Sidewalk (Traditional) Pound Cake with choice of Lemon, Chocolate, or Plain Glaze  $30.00  $25.00
Classic Apple Pie  $20.00  $16.00
Southern Pecan Pie  $20.00  $16.00
Signature Sweet Potato Pie  $20.00  $16.00
Signature Butter Pound Cake  $10.00  $8.50
Spring Onions (Bunches of 5)  $1.25  $1.00
Mesclun Salad Mix (a delicious variety of baby lettuces)  $1.50  $1.00
Collard Greens (Bushel)  $50.00  $30.00

*Note: There is a $5 convenience fee for pre-orders placed by non-members