Winter holidays are coming fast and it’s time for our annual Winter Season Sale!

It’s the last Market of the season. Enjoy seasonal goodies and limited edition treats, you can only get at Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays. Plus, all Official Foodies can enjoy extra special deals and have a taste of the season shipped to loved ones 🤠

Orders will be delivered or available for pick-up at our partner locations on Tuesday, December 22, 2020. Additionally, orders may be shipped upon request. Please note, any items not claimed by the agreed upon time will be donated to a local food bank or shelter.

To order, please text (804) 445-3134 or call (804) 513-9176. Orders are due by 11:59 p.m. December 09, 2020. Office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Thanks for a great year! We truly appreciate your support. Happy Holidays!

Winter Sampler 35.00|43.50

One Triple Berry Cake
One Rock Sugar Topped Butter Pound Cake
One CranOrange Nut Cake
One Chocolate Devotion “Mini” Sidewalk Cake
Signature Sampler 33.50|43.00

One Signature Butter Pound Cake
One Chocolate Glazed Butter Pound Cake
One Rock Sugar Topped Butter Pound Cake
One Vanilla Glazed Butter Pound Cake 
CranApple Pie (Seasonal) 18.00|20.00

This seasonal treat only comes around once a year. Packed with fresh real apples and cranberries, this pie combines the perfect amount of sweet and tart. An optional addition of drizzled vanilla glaze brings this pie to perfection.
Classic Apple Pie 16.00|20.00
Southern Pecan Pie 16.00|20.00
Signature Sweet Potato Pie 16.00|20.00
Coconut Custard Pie (Seasonal)

Two Pies 32.00|20.00

One Pie 17.00|21.00
Lemon Supreme Pie (Seasonal) 17.00|21.00
PeCoNut Cookies (Seasonal)
These oversized cookies are packed with fresh pecans and shredded coconut, to create a macaroon-like dessert perfect for the holiday season. But hurry, they’re only available for Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays!

Dozen 18.00

Half-dozen 9.50
Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Three Dozen 24.00

Two Dozen 17.00

Dozen 8.75|10.00

Half-dozen 5.00|5.50
Sustainable Pepper-coated Thick-cut Bacon

One 1lb. Bag 10.00

Save 2.50/bag for 5+ bags
Sustainable Thick-cut Bacon

One 1lb. Bag 10.00

Save 2.50/bag for 5+ bags
Fresh Local Oysters

Two Quarts 58.00

One Quart 30.00
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Jamie’s Sweet Cornbread

Not into cornbread? This cornbread has made a believer out of many. Soft, yet not quite fluffy. Sweet, but not overpoweringly so. This cornbread will make a believer out of you and your holiday guests. Typically only available via special order, Jamie’s Sweet Cornbread is available annually at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Full Pan (30 Hunks) 35.00

Half Pan (15 Hunks) 20.00

Three Hunks 4.25|5.00
FoodiO Goat’s Milk Soap Baaars

It’s our First Annual Winter Soap Sale, and boy do we have some deals for you! Official Foodies can enjoy all our wintery scents or a combination of year-round favorites and seasonal scents for the lowest prices of the year. Remember, this is the last Market of the season, so it’s a great time to stock up and save or give this all-natural, sustainable soap as presents to loved ones. Our soap is made with those with sensitive skin and skin conditions in mind. Plus, our Oatmeal Milk & Honey is great for pets and children, while the Chamomile & Aloe is perfect for washing your hair and face.

Winter Soap Sampler 40.00 ($8 in savings!)

Includes one baaar each of Festival Lights, Brown Sugar Fig, Vanilla Silk, Cranberry Spice, Vanilla Sugar, and Sinus Soother (perfect for colds and allergies)

Deluxe Winter Soap Sampler 60.00 ($20 in savings!)

Includes one baaar each of Festival Lights, Brown Sugar Fig, Vanilla Silk, Cranberry Spice, Vanilla Sugar, Sinus Soother (perfect for colds and allergies), Chamomile & Aloe Activated Charcoal, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Unscented Castile, and Woodberry

*While supplies last.
Hot Chocolate Bombs (‘Ono Bakeshop)

One Hot Chocolate Bomb 4.00|4.00

Four Hot Chocolate Bombs 15.00|15.00

Six Hot Chocolate Bombs 20.00|20.00

Hot Chocolate Bomb Giftset (Any flavor bomb + mug/spoon) 9.00|9.00

Note: Hot Chocolate Bombs can be boxed or individually bagged.
Cookie kits (‘Ono Bakeshop)

Option 1: 12 cookies, 4 bags of buttercream, 2 bags of sprinkles 30.00|30.00

Option 2: 6 cookies, 3 bags of buttercream and 1 bag of sprinkles 15.00|15.00

All cookies come heat sealed and include instructions.
Cookie dippers (‘Ono Bakeshop) 10.00|10.00

One holiday themed plate with 12 mini sugar cookies and a 2oz container of buttercream with sprinkles for dipping.

Note: All cookies come heat sealed.
All-natural Dog Treats (‘Ono Bakeshop)

One Bag of Large Treats 7.50|7.50

One Bag of Small Treats 5.00||5.00

Official Foodie (member) prices are in orange and Regular Prices are in black. Items without a Regular Price are currently unavailable for non-members. Not an Official Foodie yet? Click here to join and start saving!

*Note: There is a $5 fee for non-Foodies (non-members) and a $2 fee for Official Foodies (members) for deliveries. Pick-up is free for all at our Partner Locations.